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Courses Fall Term 2023

ESE/Bi 166. Microbial Physiology. 9 units (3-1-5); first term, 2023-24. A course on growth and functions in the prokaryotic cell. Topics covered: growth, transport of small molecules, protein excretion, membrane bioenergetics, energy metabolism, motility, chemotaxis, global regulators, and metabolic integration. Instructor: Leadbetter

FS/ESE/Ge 18. First Year Seminar: The Unseen Microbial World in Plain Sight. 6 units (3-0-3); first term, 2023-2024. To paraphrase a Caltech engineering colleague: "In terms of Earth and the Environment, although fascinating, until recently our species had been nothing more than the hood ornament on a really interesting car. We should be studying what's under the hood, the microbial world, if we want to understand the engine". We will examine striking examples of microbes and microbial activities in the environment. There is one required field trip to visit sites of microbial interest somewhere in southern California. Freshmen only; limited enrollment. Instructor: Leadbetter

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